Orchard Point Market

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9045 Redden Rd. Bridgeville, DE 19933

Petting Zoo

Stop by and meet our farm friends! They love the attention. 
Our larger black goat is Jack! He is an easy-going goat that can be found grazing on the fence and waiting for handfuls of feed.
We most recently added Mille, Cider and Peach to our goat family. They love to lay in the sun and greet you at the fence.
Our newest additons to the OPM Petting Zoo is our lovely lady turkeys Lucy and Ethel! They love when people come to visit them and all their friends at the market!
Our busiest team players are our hens!
These ladies are constantly busy laying eggs for the market. Most of the eggs we sell in the market are from our hens. You can count on them to come running to the fence as soon as you arrive to the petting zoo!
Feeder machine are kept in front of the pens
We encourage you to feed the animals their designated feed
Our Animals