Orchard Point Market

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9045 Redden Rd. Bridgeville, DE 19933

Petting Zoo

When you meet the animals, you will see how much they love attention. 
We have a miniature donkey named Daisy. Daisy rules the four goats. One of her favorite pastimes is eating, so we carefully regulate what she eats. Her best friend is Jack, the goat, however, she tolerates the others.
The larger black goat is Jack; His favorite pastime is making sure he doesn’t get left out. This easy-going guy loves attention and can be found most days grazing at the fence or sitting on the spools with the twins.
The shortest one is Parker; Parker is a Pygmy goat. This boy loves attention and scratches on his head. Parker’s favorite pastime is hanging out with his buddies or sitting in a shady spot watching people.
We even have some bunnies!
Meet Bella, Lola, and Noname. These little ladies like to burrow under their pens and move around inside their houses. They eat a lot of carrots, lettuce, and various vegetables.
Our busiest team players are our hens!
The Hens are our hardest working team players. These ladies are constantly busy laying eggs for the market to sell. Yes, that’s right, these girls are where we get most of our eggs from. They enjoy many of our spoils, Melons get dropped... They love melons and produce, and their specialty is running to the fence because they love attention or one of the girls is outside holding a meeting with the rest inside.
We keep a feeder machine in front of the pens.
We encourage you to feed the animals their designated feed.
Orchard Point Market is the perfect spot for travelers headed to the beach to stop and stretch or sit awhile at our picnic tables to watch the animals or just enjoy the day. T.S. Smith Orchard Point is more than a Market! It is a destination and many people have made it a regular stop on their way to their destinations. We are sure that you will enjoy your experience and make us your regular stop.
Our Animals